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2 Jun , 2016  

For the last four years of my life I’ve dedicated my time to helping others lose weight. Starting with my lifestyle change, which I’m currently maintaining a +110lb loss, I’ve inspired others who have not had the confidence or hope to get heathy for themselves. I start The Phat Campaign: Pretty Healthy & Thick, to inspire women of all sizes to love the body they’re in while working towards the body they want.
Currently, I’m working on expanding my social media presence to platforms that will allow me to offer more of the workouts, tips and advice that many have looked to me for years. In doing so I am in need of some equipment in order to provide the quality material I need to put out. 
This includes:

Computer (MacBook)

Editing Software

High Quality Camera

Website Updates 
My goal is to offer more quality material that people can use to learn about and maintain a healthy lifestyle while expanding The Phat Campagin’s core message.


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