Tai McQueen

Tai “The Plus Size Trainer” McQueen, also known as Tai Fitness, started her fitness journey in 2011 after a disappointing trip to South Beach, Miami.


“I was the fattest person on the beach, and it did not feel good!”


After returning from her trip, Tai immediately began to implement healthier lifestyle habits which allowed her to lose 115 pounds in just 14 months. However, the reality of weight loss set in, and weight gain ensued. Nevertheless, Tai continues to fight though a 50 pound weight gain and stated the Plus Size Fitness Movement – PHAT Fitness (Pretty Healthy and Thick).


Her openness about personal struggles with weight loss have impacted many and resigned deeply with those that have been felt ashamed to get fit because of their size. Tai’s non-judgmental approach to fitness teaches men and women of all sizes to love their current body while working towards the body they want.


“I don’t sugarcoat fitness. The truth is, fitness is hard! That doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  You may lose, you may gain, but you never give up! Quitting doesn’t produce results!”


Tai is a Certified Personal Trainer who currently offers personal training services in Houston, Texas. Her training methods include weight training, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and endurance training.


Tai is also available for public speaking, fitness events and group training among other services.