PHAT Fitness

Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?

3 Aug , 2016  


The other day I heard someone who has a really big fitness account on IG state: “My body is getting smaller, but the scale has gone up. I guess it’s because muscle weights more than fat”. I was astounded that someone with such a large following would say something that misleading. To their defense, this […]

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Team Tai

Go Fund Me: Help me create me quality material!

2 Jun , 2016  


For the last four years of my life I’ve dedicated my time to helping others lose weight. Starting with my lifestyle change, which I’m currently maintaining a +110lb loss, I’ve inspired others who have not had the confidence or hope to get heathy for themselves. I start The Phat Campaign: Pretty Healthy & Thick, to […]

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Clean Eating Tips

18 Jun , 2015   Video


My explanation of clean eating and items that I consume on a regular basis. Eating clean isn’t difficult. However, it takes planning and discipline. Although this video was made several years ago, It’s still a good guide for those looking for additional information on what clean eating is and how to plan for it.   […]

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