Please read entire post as promotion info has been updated as of February 11, 2016.

Are you looking for to expand the awareness of your business, brand or online presence? Look no further! Our promotional services may be for you!


*The following post are acceptable:

Personal Trainers
Fitness Personalities
Fitness Events
Fitness Apparel Boutiques

Clothing boutiques
Artists/ Music
Graphic designs
Hair boutiques
Baby boutiques
PEOPLE/ FOLLOWERS looking to gain more followers



$25 – 1 Hour

$35 – 2 Hours

$ 50 – 12 Hours (two post 6 hour each)

$75 – 24 Hours (two post 12 hour each)


Mega Promotion – $85 (1 Hour)

Mega promos are post amoung top IG pages to reach +1.5 million viewers. The post are for 1 hour each.


Snapchat Promotion – $15 (24 Hours)

Be seen by +8K viewers over a 24 hour period. Snapchat post are 10-15 seconds long and can be in photo or video context.


*We will not promote any supplements, such as Herbalife® or Advocare®, dieting teas or pills and waist trainers or shaping belts. All material is subject to approval.


Please email upon payment with your picture or video and caption and three time slots to be featured. Failure to do so may delay your material from being posted. All post will be made within 72 hours based on availability.


Promotion Package


-Product advertisement – Promotional Ad(s) in exchange for products
-Ambassador/Sponsorship – Promotional Ad(s) and Website Placement for ongoing affiliates/sponsors whom provide products or payment for services.