The PHAT Fitness Challenge

The PHAT Fitness Challenge 

Are you ready? Enrollment is limited so don’t miss out!

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 What is the PHAT Fitness Challenge:

PHAT (Pretty Healthy & Thick) Fitness Challenge is a six week program running October 31st – December 11th, which is designed to promote healthy living and lifestyles among all  fitness levels. The challenge consist of a series of lessons that will offer more insight into developing and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. There is an emphasis on proper nutrition, exercise and support.  The results will come, as long as you are dedicated to the program and do the work, you cannot fail!

Lessons covered in the challenge:


  • What are macros, micros and calories
  • Reading & understanding food labels
  • Menu planning and meal prep
  • Eating methods
  • Tracking nutrition


  • Identifying your body type
  • Fat loss vs weight loss
  • Benefits of lifting weights
  • Benefits of cardiovascular training


  • How nutrition controls your mood
  • Learning food triggers
  • Controlling emotional & binge eating


  • Developing confidence
  • Body positive & appreciation
  • Changing negative mindsets


  • 6 ways to measure body changes
  • Breaking up with obsessive tracking

Lifestyle Change:

  • Changing outlooks on health and weight loss
  • Implementing long-term behaviors
  • Maintaining your results

*Please note: Lessons are subject to change prior to start of enrollment. However all outlined topics will be discussed in lesson form or via live chat sessions.


Enrollment Fees:

A non-refundable payment of $75.00 USD is required to join the challenge. That’s just $12.50 per week! A small investment for a large return. You will invest $12.50 in something that will be non-beneficial before the week is over, so what do you have to lose investing in this challenge.. besides weight and inches?!? Payments can be made in full or split in half to be paid in total prior to the end of the enrollment period.


What You’ll Get:

  • Customizable Meal Guide & Shopping List
  • Weekly workout guide
  • Access to the Private Facebook Accountability & Support Group for daily motivation and support
  • Live streaming workout sessions
  • Group chats and informative discussions via Facebook live and virtual conference meetings
  • Plus more!

How the winners determined

What You Win:

There will be three CASH prizes issued to the top winners chosen based on their overall results. The first place winner will earn no less than $125.00, second place no less than $75.00 and third place no less than $40. The amount of the cash prize will be based upon the amount of people enrolled. Weekly incentives will also be given as well for those that actively participate in the group and outlined challenges.

  • 1st place is the person with the most percentage of weight loss
  • 2nd place is the person with the most inches lost
  • 3rd place is person with the most overall participation


In depth details will be further outlined for those enrolled in the program. All materials will be delivered to FULLY paid participants by October 24th. Finally payment for partial payments are due by October 28th, and materials will be delivered by October 29th.

No refunds will be issued once payment is submitted, full or partial. You must make final partial payment no later than October 28th to receive challenge materials.  


Are you ready to join? Enrollment is limited, so don’t miss out!


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