Get $40 off Noizy Brand Wireless Earbuds & Speakers!!

15 Dec , 2015   Video


Get your NOIZY wireless headphones or waterproof speaker box now for $40 off using promo code: TaiMcQueen NOIZY is an award winning Bluetooth brand created to promote activity through music and technology. Click below to visit the NOIZY store to shop products and order. The NOIZY Store Please follow and like us:

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PHAT Fitness

Bouncing Back After Weight Gain

24 Nov , 2015  


Social media has somehow convinced people that losing weight is easy. You see people’s before and after photos showing an amazing change in six months, but what happened in between? Even more misleading, people think that once the weight is lost that you can relax and stop working. Nobody seems to talk about what happens […]

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PHAT Fitness

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

18 Oct , 2015  


For the last few months I have been using organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) on a daily basis. I’ve seen several people on Instagram using it, but I was never sure why. Doing my research, I found that  it was an aid in not only weight loss, but several different things.   What Is Apple Cider […]

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PHAT Fitness

Congrats, Kris! Read how Kris took control of his health

29 Jun , 2015  


I wasn’t always overweight. I started gaining weight around the 4th grade and slowly I just started to get out of control. I was always raised around food and is was always second nature to eat.When I got into young adulthood my eating habits got really bad. I would spend $20 on fast food for […]

Herbalife, Team Tai

Congrats, Nadia!

20 Jun , 2015  


Check out this amazing progress from Nadia! Read her story below: I’ve been on this journey for a while now, mainly after my son was born in 2007. Lost a lil weight after but never getting back to pre-pregnancy weight (145-150). I had reached 223lbs standing at 5’3. Finally in March 2013 I decided I […]


Clean Eating Tips

18 Jun , 2015   Video


My explanation of clean eating and items that I consume on a regular basis. Eating clean isn’t difficult. However, it takes planning and discipline. Although this video was made several years ago, It’s still a good guide for those looking for additional information on what clean eating is and how to plan for it.   […]


Nafisah Visits Houston

16 Jun , 2015  


Last week I had an opportunity to grow and build with the beautiful Nafisah Sayyed, a fellow Herbalife© teammate, while she visited Houston! I got to share my personal experiences and learn from her as well! It was such a magical union, two strong beautiful woman getting along! Many times woman relationships become catty or […]


Counting Macros

15 Jun , 2015   Video

This is a simple guide that I use to help me account for my macro-nutrition. Macros are the protein, carbohydrate and fat content of a calorie. Please follow and like us:


The W.A.I.T Book

14 Jun , 2015  


Are you tormented by thoughts of self-doubt even when others affirm you? How often do you talk yourself out of doing the one thing that you’ve always wanted to do? Have recurring negative thoughts you can’t control? Do you find yourself procrastinating on the “big idea” that could change your life? Then the WAIT! 10-step […]

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