The W.A.I.T Book

14 Jun , 2015  

Are you tormented by thoughts of self-doubt even when others affirm you? How often do you talk yourself out of doing the one thing that you’ve always wanted to do? Have recurring negative thoughts you can’t control? Do you find yourself procrastinating on the “big idea” that could change your life?

Then the WAIT! 10-step system is the one for you! W.A.I.T. (What Am I Thinking) challenges negative thought patterns that block the way to success in every facet of your life. Change the way you think and you will change your life.

Learn how to reach your desired destiny one decision at a time by practicing these time proven techniques. Use the WAIT! system to redefine, realign and redesign any area of your life from the inside out. Improve your financial decisions, finally overcome weight and health barriers, achieve educational goals, go after that promotion or new job, eliminate negative habits, break the old tapes playing in your mind and change your life.

Discover how to change your thoughts so you are released from bad habits and set free to become the successful individual that you are meant to be!


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