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PHILLY – Pretty Healthy & Thick PHAT Burning Bootcamp

24 Jul , 2017  


PHILLY are you ready!?! The Pretty Healthy & Thick Tour is coming to your city for a PHAT Burning bootcamp! This class is designed to promote healthy living and lifestyles among all age categories and fitness levels. Tai will be bringing the PHAT BURNING FITNESS with a action HIIT style workout that’s sure to leave […]

Team Tai

Real Women Have FUPAS T-Shirts

14 Jul , 2017  


Real Women Have FUPAS Noun:  acronym slang for “Fat Upper Pu**y Area” and describes an excess of fatty tissue or loose skin located on or directly above the vagina and below the belly button It’s more than just a shirt.. it’s a movement! In this day and age of social media, women are left to feel […]

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Team Tai

Chicago Bootcamp July 29th

7 Jul , 2017  

tai mcqueen flyer 2

  CHICAGO are you ready!?! The PHAT Tour (Pretty Healthy & Thick) is coming to your city for a PHAT Burning dance style bootcamp! This class is designed to promote healthy living and lifestyles among all age categories and fitness levels. The event is intended to provide opportunities for fun, fitness and friendship, while enhancing […]

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Juicing Benefits

17 Aug , 2016  


Last month, while visiting my family in Ohio, I got intoduced to juicing. Anyone who knows me knows that I would never in a million years juice. My belief was that “Kale is for killers!”, and I couldn’t believe that people actually blended spinach in their morning smoothies. The thought of it just disgusted me. Or […]

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The Fitness Struggle: Fox News 26 Feature

13 Aug , 2016   Video


Read the full article on Please follow and like us:

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Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?

3 Aug , 2016  


The other day I heard someone who has a really big fitness account on IG state: “My body is getting smaller, but the scale has gone up. I guess it’s because muscle weights more than fat”. I was astounded that someone with such a large following would say something that misleading. To their defense, this […]

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Meal Prep Like a Pro: 7 Tips to Help You Prep Successfully

19 Jul , 2016  


   My meal prep motto: K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Stupid! Meal prep isn’t hard or costly. You just have to plan properly for it. Here are a few tips when it comes to meal for prepping that will save you time and money.  1. Pre-plan your meals by writing down what you want to […]

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The Albolene Challenge

17 Jul , 2016  


If you watch my snapchat (TaiMcQueen) you would know I give out lots of info daily! One of the things I show here in my snap is my cardio session, which always include me wrapping. It’s not a new technique, several other people do exactly the same thing. Including boxers looking to drop a few […]

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NEW PROMO: 55% off ChefV Juice Cleanse

12 Jul , 2016  

3 Day Cleanse

  Get 55% off any cleanse when you order at and use promo code at checkout. Promo Code: PHAT *Limited Delivery Area Check Delivery Availability   Product Info: Lose up to 15 pounds in 3 days, up to 20 pounds in 5 days or up to 25 pounds in 7 days! All products are organic, […]

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Team Tai

Go Fund Me: Help me create me quality material!

2 Jun , 2016  


For the last four years of my life I’ve dedicated my time to helping others lose weight. Starting with my lifestyle change, which I’m currently maintaining a +110lb loss, I’ve inspired others who have not had the confidence or hope to get heathy for themselves. I start The Phat Campaign: Pretty Healthy & Thick, to […]

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